Master Badge

The Master Badge Program is MFA’s signature system, for children between 6 to 15-year-olds, where members are challenged and assessed throughout their footballing journey with us.

Upon enrollment, each member will receive a pack containing the appropriate apparel and equipment to get started, as well as a guidebook to assist both players and parents to gain maximum benefit from the program.

To measure your child’s progression as a football player MFA offers the opportunity to earn badges through every step of their learning. This covers the basics, such as; using the correct technique to pass a ball, through to tactical awareness in a game. The Master Badge Program not only encompasses technical and tactical but also incorporates players personal behavior, therefore, possessing the right attitude is critical to successfully progress through the program.

Upon successful completion of the relevant Master Badge, the coach will hand a sticker to be placed in the appropriate section of the ‘Members Guidebook’.

In addition, the player will also receive a badge that can be ironed on to their MFA Shirt to showcase their level.

All MFA coaches will base every child’s training against the relevant and most attainable master badge level.

Players of all abilities are welcome to join the Master Badge Program. In order to become good at football and progress through the Master Badge Levels, all players need to practice. Training with their team, once or twice a week, will not be enough, so, practice at home or in the neighborhood park with other kids, or maybe even in school when the opportunity arises is essential.