MFA Soccer Cubs

Welcome to Soccer Cubs!  At Soccer Cubs we firmly believe that our children need to learn through having FUN in a structured and safe environment. Therefore, we have developed a program that not only allows our little players to develop many different physical skills and techniques but also ensures that they go away from classes with a huge smile of their face.

Within the Soccer Cubs program children will be introduced to many different games and situations and will, as a result, not only become more proficient in many gross and minor motor skills but will also leave the program as more rounded little people.  We place a massive emphasis on not only teaching the physical skills required to be a good sportsperson but also on children’s ability to interact well with others.  We want to help to teach our little members how to be happy, considerate and nice kids.

So, what are you waiting for?  Come and sign up for the first class and start your child on their Soccer Cubs journey!

18 to 24 months – Panda Cubs

From 18 to 24 months our Panda Cubs program allows toddlers to develop several simple gross motor skills in an environment that uses lots of props, games, and songs to ensure they are engaged in the class. At this age one parent or accompanying adult must always be present with the toddlers.

2 to 3 years – Lion Cubs

This is another parent participation class and introduces more advanced gross motor skills to the children. These skills are introduced and taught by playing fun and engaging games with lots of visual and hearing stimuli.

3 to 4 years – Tiger Cubs

Parent participation is now no longer mandatory as we will attempt to help the children become a little more independent during this period. During this phase the children will be introduced to kicking, running with the ball, stopping the ball and dribbling. This will all be done through games that incorporate lots of colors and stimuli for the children to keep them engaged.

4 to 5 years – Bear Cubs

This age group focus on foot-eye coordination, running ability, jumping, turning, balance and will also incorporate more advanced football skills. Some small-sided games will be played during these classes.