Dan Calvert

Head Coach (England)

As co-founder of MFA who continues to drive and fine-tune the MFA unique program since 2004, Dan is currently working his way through his Coaching Badges, attaining the UEFA A Award (Level 4) in January 2022, the license is one level below the UEFA Pro Licence (the highest coaching qualification in football).
A keen football player ever since he could walk and play at the highest level throughout his youth with Peterborough United. Dan led Taipei City Dragons on and off the field as they competed in Taiwan’s highest level (Division 1, now called the Taiwan Premier League) back in 2012.
With over fifteen years coaching experience across all levels of Taiwanese football, he has the know-how in developing young players and mentoring MFA coaches.

Michael Chandler

Coach (England)

Also, a Co-founder of MFA is Michael Chandler, who has been involved in Taiwanese football since the day he landed back in 1999. Responsible for inviting the FA of England to deliver coach education courses here in Taipei, with Michael attaining the Level 2 Licence. Michael has also achieved the FA Level 1 in Psychology, learning to target the needs of every player on an individual basis.
Michael firmly believes it is fundamental to get to know the players personally to understand how to motivate and develop them. This is now fundamental throughout the MFA program. Michael is also very proud of his son, Andrew, who is an active member of MFA!

Ian Edwards

Coach (England)

An FA of England Level 2 Coach and a long-term resident of Taiwan, many of which on the field with MFA. Ian is a highly talented coach with energy and enthusiasm that inspires all those who work with him. Vastly experienced in challenging young players, he truly knows how to gain their respect.

Mike O’Gorman

Coach (USA)

Since graduating from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee in June of 2006 Mike has worked as a soccer coach for over 11 years in Atlanta, Georgia and Taipei, Taiwan. He possesses the USA National D License in coaching and is continuing his journey up the coaching ladder.

At Rhodes College he played varsity soccer for four years, earning MVP and team captain honors in his senior year. After graduating from College, he went on to play for two years for the semi-professional team in Atlanta named the Atlanta Silverbacks. He currently captains the Royal Blues Soccer team that plays in the Taiwan Football Premier League. As a soccer team captain and soccer coach, he developed both his leadership skills and a true appreciation of the importance of being a team player.

David Yang

Coach (United States)

David is a coach from the United States. As a youngster, he grew up playing basketball and only started playing football at the age of 15. He joined the school’s football team to maintain fitness for basketball, making new friends, and learning new athletic skills. Despite the late introduction, he fell in love with the game because of the rarity of scoring goals and the subsequent emotion that comes along with it.

David’s coaching philosophy boils down to a simple phrase: ‘Trust the Process’. Instead of worrying about winning or gaining praise, he always instills proper planning and attitude towards training, ability to think clearly during pressure situations, and most importantly, develop a love for soccer that overrides any negativity that anyone may face on a daily basis.

Paul Brown

Coach (Taiwan)

From a very young age, Paul always knew he wanted to play football. Every day he worked on his technique and skills to one day making the national team at the age of 18! He even made it into the Taiwan futsal national team from 2003 to 2007! Since then he pursued a career in coaching and currently, has a Taiwan coach license B level. Football is his passion and loves to project that same passion to all the kids he coaches. He wants to show every kid, even his own son, how wonderful football is to make friends for life, enjoying amazing moments and most importantly having fun!

Matt Martin

Coach (Australia)

Matt has been coaching both indoor and outdoor football since 2007. His qualifications cover general grassroots football, futsal as well as goalkeeping. From a very young age, he learned how to play football at school, and fell in love with the game after watching the World Cup as a child.

Matt’s approach is to always have fun with the players with a simple philosophy ensuring the players have fun then they are more willing to come back and learn more.

David Vincent

Coach (France)

David started his coaching career back in his homeland before relocating to Taiwan. At MFA David is responsible for several teams such as the FC Tigers U8’s and the MFA U9 TDP Team. As a coach, he is a firm believer of possession football, ensuring all players gain as many touches on the ball to maximise development and importantly to have FUN!

Pete Lewry

Goalkeeping Coach (England)

Since arriving in Taiwan during 2013 Pete has been involved in football at a variety of levels from social kickabouts to being a player/goalkeeper coach in the Taiwan Premier League with the Taipei Royal Blues and a player at Taipei Red Lions.

Specializing in goalkeeping, he believes that all young players should experience the position in order to enhance their understanding of the game. He found this out at a young age having tried goalkeeping and fell in love with it.

His core belief is that any level of football must be fun and enjoyable, and so is determined to make every session a fun, engaging and a positive experience for the players.

Looking to learn, improve and push himself further as a coach, Pete will be taking his level 2 and goalkeeper coaching licenses this summer in the UK (2022).

Ming-Han, Lee (Falcao)

Coach (Taiwan)

The newest member of MFA’s coaching team, Falcao, offers a great deal of local knowledge with ten years grassroots experience including coaching the University team at National Central University (NCU) in Taoyuen, through to international experience with Dream Light Sports in Weifang, China.

In terms of coaching style, Falcao combines the practice of technique with joy by providing young players engaging challenges through games & scenarios, which help the youngsters problem-solve and also reinforces the training objectives. Not just to let them play, but to observe, guide and continuously encourage them.

Falcao is working his way up the coaching ladder; currently possessing the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) B Licence (2016), and working towards his A Licence.