Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is very simple; Develop good people, and great players!

At MFA our first and main priority is for every member to enjoy football through the delivery of our FUN, Progressive and Rewarding Program taught in English! Whatever the player wants to achieve in the sport we have something suitable for every young player no matter their available time, gender or ability.

MFA coaches are trained to deliver structured sessions catering to age and ability to maximize learning. As an example; for Soccer Cubs, we will use a language players can relate to such as colors, shapes, characters, and objects. No matter the players age our coaches will constantly seek continuous feedback on the given challenges to foster problem solving and creativity.

We also stand for Positive Encouragement! Whether from team-mates, parents or our coaches. We will not tolerate any negativity! Self-belief cannot prosper from being blamed for a mistake or screamed at in a game. In fact, we welcome mistakes as this is how we learn best!